IMPAKT interiors

At IMPAKT interiors we showcase our boutique range of high-quality products that have been upcycled and given a new life. We are also proud to be stockists for various interior brands within the environmentally friendly marketplace. We offer a wide range of products and services in-store, including, refurbishment, unique interior designs, commissions, seasonal events, and upcycling and recycling workshops.
Buying from us not only helps bring a unique style to your interior, it also stop useable items end up in landfill whilst creating income that  goes towards supporting the work of IMPAKT housing & support, a charity committed to ending homelessness and other social issues.  
IMPAKT interiors impacting your décor, the environment and homelessness all in one go. 

Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 9AM-5:00PM
Wednesday 19AM-5:00PM
Thursday 9AM-5:00PM
Friday 9AM-5:15PM
Saturday 9AM-5:00PM
Sunday 9AM-5:00PM